Hey! This is where I present my music and zines. Check out the links below!

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3/7/2019: Site has moved from geocities.co.jp domain to neocities due to the shut down of Geocities Japan

12/6/2016: Site is being updated again, "Photospace" film photography archive added.

11/24/2015: Downloads page created.

10/24/2015: Site is being updated again, "Weird Stuff" and "Vice Zine" added.

3/1/2015: Record List, Audio Trading List, Video Trading list, and Index updated. Site is coded in HTML and CSS. We are still under construction and hope to put this webpage on the line pretty soon. Digital trading file such as peer to peer service is open, but physical mailing would have to wait. Also contact page is still being worked out Thank you for your patience.